AUDREY GEISEL – Honorary Chair 2015

audrey-geisel-cat-in-the-hatAudrey S. Geisel
Dr. Seuss Fund/Dr. Seuss Foundation

Audrey Geisel is President of Dr. Seuss Enterprises and she is President of the Dr. Seuss Foundation, which support a variety of philanthropic causes such as: Family Literacy Foundation, National Center for Family Literacy, Rolling Readers USA, San Diego Council on Literacy and United Through Reading.

A longtime La Jolla resident and generous supporter of the Epilepsy Foundation of San Diego County, Audrey serves on several local advisory boards including Scripps Foundation for Medicine and Science, The Old Globe Theaters, UCSD Chancellor’s Associates and the Zoological Society of San Diego. Audrey was a founding board member of The Charter 100.

In addition, the Dr. Seuss Fund and Dr. Seuss Foundation donate to nearly 100 organizations and foundations, including: the La Jolla Playhouse, Mama’s Kitchen, San Diego Museum of Art, San Diego Symphony, and Vista Hill Foundation, to name a few.

The Epilepsy Foundation of San Diego County is honored to recognize Audrey for her dedicated support of Epilepsy and for the LIGHT she brings to our San Diego Community.